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    Jeezy Shares Update on Fiancee Jeannie Mai

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    Earlier this month, Jeannie Mai had to withdraw from Dancing With the Stars after being hospitalized. Her fiancée Jeezy shared what happened behind the scary situation the host was in.

    Jeezy virtually joined Adrienne Bailon and Garcelle Beauvais, Jeannie’s The Real co-hosts on the show’s November 12 episode. The rapper opened up about what really happened to Jeannie and the reason behind why she was forced to drop out of the famous celebrity dance competition after suffering from a health crisis.

    According to Jeezy, Jeannie was given steroids to treat the pain she was experiencing in her throat. Though it initially worked, the pain came back. It didn’t take long for the host to suffer from difficulty of breathing and that made them realized that something was really wrong with her. The couple found out that she had an abyss that blocked her airway and prevented her from breathing normally.

    Jeezy recalled, “I took her to the emergency room and they found something, but they didn’t know. The doctor immediately looked at her and said ‘You’re done with Dancing With the Stars. You’re done. If you don’t get it fixed right now, you could lose your life.’ For me, that was real.” 

    At present, Jeezy said that Jeannie is well and “eating everything in the house” after her surgery. He also confirmed that the host was eager to go back to the DWTS stage and rejoin the competition together with her partner Brandon Armstrong.

    Adrienne, her co-host, wasn’t surprise about Jeannie’s fighting spirit. She said, “That is so Jeannie. But I know those moments must have been so scary for you and for her. So I just want to say thank you on behalf of all of us for taking such good care of her and noticing something was wrong.”

    Meanwhile, Jeannie gave fans an update about her condition. She took to her Instagram Story to post a photo of herself in her hospital room. She was wearing a shirt with a DWTS billboard which the rapper gave her to show his support for her on the dance competition. She posted the photo along with the caption, “no chewing no speaking no bad tshirts.”


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