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    Black Friday Tips to Enjoy Shopping from Home

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    Thanks to the coronavirus pandemic even Black Friday sales have been affected. There won’t be a huge crowd of excited shoppers waiting outside stores as many will be doing their shopping online to avoid being infected by the virus. Luckily, many stores are offering amazing deals online so you can still shop and save money at the comfort of your home.

    Here are some frequently asked questions about Black Friday amid the pandemic that you should know:

    When is Black Friday?

    In case you didn’t know, November 27 id Black Friday. It’s the latest that it can fall in this year’s calendar. This means that there’s only a few days difference between Christmas and Black Friday compared to previous years. Also, you have less time to shop so start making that list earlier on to avoid the holiday rush. Hopefully, you can find some great deals soon.

    Is there a shortage of products?

    Amazon Prime Day in October is by far the hottest shopping event to hit 2020. However, don’t expect to see many types of products for Black Friday because of shortages this year. There won’t be huge discounts on laptop and gaming consoles, for sure.

    Which retailers are having Black Friday deals?

    Almost all retailers are offering discounts and other money-saving deals this Black Friday. Your favorite stores are sure to have something for you whether they’re selling apparel, health and beauty products, computers, gadgets, books, and many more. Even your go-to coffee shop may have something for you.

    The best way to check whether these retailers have Black Friday deals is to check their website. They’re exaggeratedly advertised so you won’t miss it.

    How do you check if the deal is worth it?

    Do you want to know if you’re buying something cheaper than its original price or that you’re buying it from a store with the cheapest price? The best way to do so is by doing your own research.

    Scour the web for similar products and check the prices. This way you can easily compare which stores are offering it the cheapest. Others also include special add-ons like free delivery, freebies, or cash back points.

    The pandemic shouldn’t stop you from enjoying shopping for Black Friday deals. You can still enjoy snagging the best deals in the market by shopping online.


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