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    Sean Connery’s Cause of Death Finally Revealed

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    The news regarding Sean Connery‘s death back in October has shaken most of the world and the film industry. The Oscar winner and silver screen icon died peacefully in his sleep while being surrounded by his family at the age of 90 in the Bahamas, where he spent most of his years.

    However, back in October, causes behind the James Bond actor’s passing is a bit blur aside from Micheline’s (Connery’s wife) confession saying that the late actor was suffering from dementia and that he was not able to express himself lately. Micheline further added that it was Connery’s wish to slip away without any more trouble. She further added in an in-depth interview that she knew that it was going to be hard with him being in that state.

    Conversely, after releasing Connery’s death certificate recently, it showed that aside from the inevitable consequences of old age, the silver screen actor also suffered from heart failure and pneumonia. Turns out that the silver screen actor suffered both health-related issues and old age.

    According to Micheline, she was with him the moment her husband passed away. She further added that she will remember him as a model of a man and that he was able to have his final wish which is to go peacefully without any fuss.

    Jason, Connery’s son from his previous marriage also opened up regarding his father’s passing. In an interview, Jason stated that they are currently working hard on understanding and accepting their loss. He also added that he is aware that it is a sad day for everyone who knew his dad and his amazing talent and performance.

    One of Connery’s iconic works was playing as the first James Bond in the franchise, as well as participating in a few more projects such as The Rock (side-by-side Nicolas Cage), the League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade with Harrison Ford, and more.

    Also, numerous Hollywood names paid tribute to the Scottish actor right after his death back in October. Daniel Craig and Pierce Brosnan reflect on how Sean’s death affected them and how he was their James Bond back then. Harrison Ford, Josh Gad, Viola Davis, George Takei, and a few others also lamented on the death of an icon.

    In the meantime, Connery’s family and loved ones continue to lament their loss, and that a private ceremony as well as a memorial is yet to be set and planned once the pandemic subsides. 



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