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    There’s No Marriage Proposal in Taylor Swift’s Re-Recorded “Love Story”

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    Swifties, prepare to be disappointed. Taylor Swift has re-recorded a new version of her hit song, “Love Story”, which was also the soundtrack for the movie, “Letters to Juliet”. Fans were speculating the new version would include a proposal from her long-time boyfriend Joe Alwyn but unfortunately, he didn’t “knelt to the ground and pulled out a ring”.

    Taylor Swift | Shutterstock
    Taylor Swift | Shutterstock

    The 2008 hit song is one of her first re-recorded singles and fans got a chance to hear a snippet of the new version on Dec. 2, during Ryan Reynolds’ Match commercial.

    Some fans were quick to analyze the song and were pretty much convinced that the songstress changed the line, “it’s a love story, baby just say yes” to a newer version “baby just said yes.” They immediately implicated that Joe has finally asked her the big question and that she said yes to his proposal.

    Swift may have implied something like a wedding, it won’t be happening very soon. However, she may have left something else in that ad.

    Based on the commercial, which focuses on Satan and the personified year 2020, viewers could see a discarded scooter in the backgrounds near a trash can. Once again, fans speculated that the scooter represented Scooter Braun who is presently the manager of Ariana Grande and Justin Bieber. He bought Swift’s master recordings last year through Big Machine Label Group, her former record company. Last month, she also found out that Scooter sold the masters to Shamrock Capital, a private equity firm.

    At present, the multi-awarded singer is set to re-record her six albums which she made under Big Machine so she could own her own songs. In fact, she didn’t attend the 2020 American Music Awards recently even though she was given the Artist of the Year award for the third time in a row.

    She told her fans that the reason behind her absence during the AMAs last November 22 was because she was re-recording all her old music in the studio where they originally recorded the songs. She added that she couldn’t wait for her fans to hear these new versions which are guaranteed to be better than the first ones she did.


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