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    Hailey Bieber Shares Struggles with Skin Condition

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    Hailey Bieber is very honest about sharing her skin struggles.

    The model took to her Instagram Story on Monday, December 7, to share with her 30 million followers about her struggles with perioral dermatitis, an inflammatory rash. The 24-year-old model revealed that she’s been struggling with it for years now.

    Hailey posted a bare-faced photo with her post and noted that it was already “day 3” and that her rash has “calmed down a lot”. She added, “It gets triggered by different things and usually shows up on my cheeks, around my mouth or sometimes around and under my eyes.”

    Justin Bieber’s wife went on to explain what triggers her skin condition. She revealed that trying a new product or one that’s too harsh is a common cause. She also mentioned other factors like wearing masks, the weather, and “certain SPF”.

    Hailey mentioned, “That’s why for my skin personally I go for super gentle anti-inflammatory products that will help soothe my skin and won’t trigger a dermatitis breakout!” 

    She went on to say, “It also took me getting the proper diagnosis from a dermatologist after stubbornly trying to treat it myself. Sometimes it gets so irritated only a prescription cream will calm it down.”

    She then advised her followers that self-diagnosing is a no no. 

    In a separate post she revealed that laundry detergent is another “HUGE dermatitis trigger”. According to her, she always has to use hypoallergenic or organic laundry detergents.

    Hailey also opened up about her skincare journey in May during her and Justin’s Facebook Watch series, The Biebers on Watch. She shared her struggles of dealing with adult onset acne. She said,  “Actually, within the last year, I started getting a little bit of, like, onset adult acne too from my IUD because I’d never been on birth control before, so my hormones were a little out of balance. But for me, my spot was my forehead…it would be, like, a little pattern.”

    She revealed that she never had adult acne prior to that. “I hid it really well. Like you said, because when you’re used to having good skin, the smallest little thing feels bad, like, the end of the world. And I’d never experienced acne like that, or pimples like that, before.”


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