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    Dixie D’Amelio and James Charles Reveal What Really Happened in Viral Dinner Video

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    Remember that viral dinner video of James Charles with the D’Amelio’s in November? Well, the social media influencer and TikToker Dixie D’Amelio are setting the record straight once and for all.

    Dixie and her sister, Charli D’Amelio, were accused of being disrespectful and rude to their private chef, Aaron May. Based on their YouTube video, the chef prepared dinner for them and their guest, James. Charli also talked about how she wanted to hit 100 million followers on TikTok after a year of hitting her first million followers. James teased her about it, too.

    Once the video was released, the sisters received backlash, hate messages, and death threats and lost thousands of followers on their social media platforms. The sisters already made apology videos and uploaded them on TikTok. However, Dixie and James are clearing things up by sharing some behind the scenes happenings that fans didn’t see in the video.

    James explained, “The whole thing definitely got taken way out of proportion. I can see why however from the public’s perspective why it got turned into what it did, but I didn’t think the reaction should have been as harsh. The situation between me and Charli with the whole followers thing was an innocent joke.” 

    He also defended Dixie when she was criticized for throwing up after she ate a snail in her paella. He told her, “Your whole situation with the snails…I don’t care if Gordon Ramsay put a snail in front of me, I’m not eating it. I’m not eating it! And I love Gordon Ramsay and I stan. And Aaron May was incredible, but I can’t believe you ate it in the first place.”

    He added, “What people don’t know is that reality television is, I hate to break it to you, is it’s scripted. It’s planned. You have a storyboard. No one is going to watch it if it’s boring, hello! The team was behind the camera telling Dixie to try to the snail, she ate the snail, didn’t like the snail, and therefore threw up the snail.”

    The makeup mogul explained, “If you snapped or were having a bad day or were actually being rude to somebody, your team is going to see it and be like ‘Cut that out of the video immediately,’ because you’re going to know it makes you look bad. “But it was kept in the video because everyone genuinely thought it was funny, and everyone here knew it wasn’t actually a shady moment.”

    Meanwhile, Dixie admitted, “What I think the problem is with me personally that I need to work on is that my sense of humor is very sarcastic and does not come across on the internet.”

    In the end, Dixie told James that what happened helped her and Charli understand better how their content affects people.


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