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    These Celebrities Will Inspire You in 2020 and Beyond

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    This year has been tough on everybody. It was filled with man challenges from the coronavirus pandemic to the racial reckoning; no doubt this year is one of the worst.

    Through all of these, many celebrities stepped up and inspired us in numerous ways by using their platforms to encourage and help one another. Below are some of these modern day heroes from the entertainment industry:

    Tom Hanks and Rita Wilson

    The A-list couple was in Australia in March when they contracted coronavirus, making them the first reported celebrities to have it. Instead of panicking, they used their platforms by posting regular updates on their conditions and encouraged fans to stay calm, be responsible, and adhere to safety procedures.

    LeBron James

    LeBron James isn’t only a great basketball player but he also uses his platform to create change. In May he hosted a program called Graduate Together: America Honors the High School Class of 2020 where he honored the high school seniors amid the pandemic.

    In July, James and other NBA stars also shed light on the case of Breonna Taylor and later that month, he and his teammates wore Black Lives Matter t-shirts and during the national anthem, they linked arms and took a knee. Moreover, he helped organize an NBA strike in August after Jacob Blake was shot several times by police. It paved the way for the league to establish a social justice coalition. Also, they agreed to use some arenas into polling stations.

    He also initiated efforts to help pay for poll workers during the 2020 presidential election who were assigned in Black communities.

    John Krasinski

    The Office alum helped spread positive vibes during the pandemic by starting his YouTube series in March, Some Good New. Unlike other shows, his only highlights positive news and of course, acts of kindness amid the pandemic.  He also hosted online reunions of cast of The Office as well as the original cast of Broadway’s Hamilton. Further, he threw a virtual prom for high school students.

    He didn’t do all these on his own because he also has help from his wife, Emily Blunt. Other celebrities also did cameos like Brad Pitt, Martha Stewart, Oprah Winfrey, and more. The father of two announced in May that he sold the idea to ViacomCBS but he will remain as its executive producer.


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