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    Kylie Jenner Tops Forbes’ 100 Highest-Paid Celebrities in 2020

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    Forbes has released its list of the top 100 highest-paid celebrities in 2020.

    As 2020 draws to a close, the outlet reported that Kylie Jenner ranked no. 1 in this year’s list with $590 million and it’s all thanks to her selling 51% stake of Kylie Cosmetics to Coty last January. At second is none other than Jenner’s brother-in-law Kanye West. The rapper earned $170 million, most of which comes from his Yeezy sneakers deal with popular shoe brand, Adidas. 

    Meanwhile, three streaming giants also spent a total amount of approximately $300 to celebrities like Ryan Reynolds who’s at no. 18 with $71.5 million, Billie Eilish at 43 with $53 million, and Jerry Steinfield is at 46 with $51 million. Netflix paid more than two thirds of which.

    On the other hand, many singers conducted live shows and earned from doing so. Ed Sheeran’s Divide Tour grossed $776 million while Taylor Swift who sits at no. 25 earned $63.5 million. Also, Paul McCartney earned $37 million which made him the 93rd highest-paid celebrity this year.

    Many of those in the sports industry also made it to the list. Roger Federer is at no. 3 with $106.3 million earnings while soccer star Cristiano Ronaldo ranked 4th with $105 million, making him the first team player ever to earn $1 billion. In addition, Naomi Osaka made it to the list at no.90 after bringing home an income of $37 million.

    The podcast industry is also booming this year with most of the population staying at home. In February, Bill Simmons sold The Ringer to Spotify for $206 million which landed him the 13th spot in the list. Lin-Manuel Miranda who created and starred in Hamilton also joined the list the year. Walt Disney paid him $75 million for the rights to air his Founding Father musical’s filmed version.

    The celebrities included in the top 100 list aren’t only making millions but many have also invested or worked with the Cultural Leadership Fund of Andreessen Horowitz. The fund’s main objective is to provide more investment opportunities among African Americans as well as give them more access to tech jobs.

    For a full list of Forbes’ Top 100 Highest-Paid Celebrities in 2020, check here to know more about these individuals’ investments, businesses, and more.


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