Tuesday, December 5, 2023

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    Ricky Martin Shares Rare Photo of Son Renn

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    Ricky Martin proudly flaunted his youngest child Renn on social media.

    The singer of the global hit “Livin’ La Vida Loca” posted a photo of the 10-month-old baby, Renn on Instagram last Dec. 17. Written in his caption were the words: Mi #babyRenn.

    The picture garnered lots of love from all over the world because of the irresistible big brown eyes of Ricky’s youngest son. One of the fans in the comment section just can’t help admiring the toddler, naming him Mini Ricky. Another one followed that with a joke calling out that one cute dude in the photo, and the baby as well.

    Ricky was married to Jwan, a Swedish painter, back in 2018. The lovely couple is also the parents of 12-year-old twins Matteo and Valentino, and daughter Lucia, who will be 2 on Christmas Eve.

    In his announcement of Renn’s birth in October, Ricky shared an Instagram photo of him and baby Renn together with Jwan. The artist wrote a Spanish caption which roughly translates to their son Renn Martin-Yosef being born.

    During an episode of Entertainment Tonight in July, the star of Assassination of Gianni Versace shared his experience about fatherhood, especially the challenges they’re facing now that the twins, Matteo and Valentino, are already pre-teens.

    He highlighted what it’s like to deal with his pre-adolescent children in the midst of a lockdown. According to him, the kids are always in a squabble about which room belongs to whom and the usual sibling fights. He also shared how the twins are doing so well in school despite the pandemic, and how they own the role of the protective older siblings to their beloved sister and now as well, with their youngest brother.

    Ricky also teased that the couple still has room to spare for more kids. He confessed that some people might think that he’s crazy, but he loves a big family. Ricky jokingly added that a couple of embryos are waiting for him, and not to tell Jwan because he might just crack in pressure at the moment.

    The actor couldn’t be blamed though, when you have a baby as cute and adorable as their little Renn, you just can’t help yourself to want some more.

    As reported earlier, Gigi Hadid shared a photo with her baby on Instagram.


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