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    You’ve Been Mispronouncing These Celebrities’ Names All Along

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    Although Juliet’s short soliloquies have explored the isolation of one’s name from one’s whole being, some A-lister celebrities may say otherwise. Yes, a name has no arms, no foot, no any other part belonging to a man, but a name is one of the biggest essences of one’s individuality. And saying someone’s name incorrectly puts things awry.

    Also, saying someone’s name incorrectly can be a tad bit insulting. After all, who would not get disappointed if someone butchers their name? Even iconic celebrities are not safe from such honest mistakes.  And it’s not just Saoirse Ronan. From Ariana Grande, Jake Gyllenhaal, and Gal Gadot, there are celebrity names that seem to be normal-sounding but are pronounced differently.

    Ariana Grande

    It’s pronounced as ‘Gran-dee’, and this came from the Dangerous Woman singer herself. The Italian descent blurted out the right pronunciation of her last name when she was being interviewed regarding her engagement with Pete Davidson.

    Gal Gadot

    Don’t get confused and pronounce it like Godot. The Wonder Woman star chatted a little bit with Jimmy Kimmel regarding the background of her last name. Pronounced as ‘Guh-dote’, and means ‘riverbank’ in Hebrew.

    Chrissy Teigen

    The cookbook author and supermom also shared about people mispronouncing her name. And though she stated that she does not mind given that she’d stopped correcting people for years. Nevertheless, she shared in an interview when she appeared in Live With Kelly and Ryan. According to her, her last name is pronounced as ‘Tie-ghen’ rather than ‘Tee-ghen’.

    Ralph Fiennes

    The award-winning British actor once shared his opinion regarding people mispronouncing his name. He further added that he has no plans on changing his name given that he was named after his step-grandfather. The Voldemort actor wished to retain the proper pronunciation of his name (Ray-F Fines) since that his step-grandfather’s name is pronounced the same way.

    Charlize Theron

    Who would have thought that this iconic South African star’s name is often mispronounced too? It was when she made an appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon when she opened up that her last name is often butchered by people. According to Charlize herself, her last name is pronounced as ‘There-in’. She further added that she almost made an audiotape where she can be heard pronouncing her last name.


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