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    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle’s Christmas Card Featured Archie’s Red Hair

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    Prince Harry and Meghan Markle released their annual Christmas card featuring none other than their 19-month-old Archie and his red hair. There’s no doubt about it that this little boy takes after his dad who happens to be one of the most popular gingers in the world.

    On December 23, Mayhew, an animal welfare charity, revealed the family’s holiday which came with a donation. The organization is based in London and they took to Twitter to post, “We’re thrilled to receive wonderful Christmas wishes from our Patron, The Duchess of Sussex, who also made a personal donation, helping dogs, cats and our community.” 

    Based on the card, it’s a painting of the family of three playing in a yard together with their two dogs. Archie is captured taking a few steps with his dad helping him on the front lawn of a playhouse.

    The photo that inspired the painting was taken by Doria Ragland, Meghan’s mom, at the couple’s new home in Motecito, California. They moved last summer and they’re celebrating the holidays there.

    A spokesperson for the couple said, “The original photo of the family was taken at their home earlier this month by The Duchess’s mother. The small Christmas tree, including the homemade ornaments and other decorations, were selected by Archie, and the tree will be replanted after the holidays.”

    Also, the Duchess explained why she wanted this year’s Christmas letter to be sent in the name of charity. She wrote, “We, as a family, have made donations to several charities with you in mind. From a local California organisation that helps families transition out of homelessness, to two of our U.K. patronages: one that supports animal and community welfare, and the other, a memorial fund for a cherished friend that helps to educate children and fight poverty in Uganda, we have honoured their work on behalf of all of us.”

    Mayhew’s CEO Caroline Yates also mentioned, “She has shone a huge light on our community-based animal welfare work over the last two years.” Meghan officially visited Mayhew as Patron in January 2019 and had pictures taken with some of the pups. Back then, she was only pregnant with Archie.


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