Thursday, December 7, 2023

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    Kendall Jenner is the Perfect Lil Present on Christmas

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    With the ongoing onslaught of the covid-19 pandemic, the annual Kardashian Christmas Eve bash is canceled for the first time. However, the Kardashian family did not give up on the holiday spirit as they decided to gather at Kourtney Kardashian‘s home for a very glam celebration.

    Everyone is dressed to the nines. Kim went with a Grinch-inspired look with all the green stuff that she was wearing. She wore a Schiaparelli corset-breastplate with bulging six-packs and paired it with a satin wrap skirt with a thigh-high slit. Kim also wore big dangling earrings with serpentine accents to complete the ensemble.

    The young makeup mogul Kylie Jenner, on the other hand, decided to go for a red Santa-inspired dress which compliments Kim attire.  She wore a long-sleeved, skin-tight dress with a thigh-high slit on the back and finished the touch with a soft wine-coloured hair. They worked as a good green and red pair.

    Kourtney on the other hand flaunted her gingerbread look with chic sixties-inspired designs from the tank top with silver sequin trimming, black long gloves, and printed pants. But it was sister Kendall Jenner that won the night with her outfit that closely resembled a gold holiday present.

    She even captioned her Instagram photo with the phrase “lil present’ as she crouched down in her shiny and shimmery golden dress that resembles the ribbons on top of gifts. The only missing sister was Khloe who was celebrating Christmas with her partner and daughter in Massachusetts.

    However, Kendall’s fashion-filled holidaze doesn’t just end on Christmas given that she recently posted another photo in Instagram where she can be seen showing off the yellow top with silver fringe, paired with cheetah-prints pants, topped up with long black nails. Even her sister Khloe commented asking who the perfect creature in the photo is.

    Even in the early days of the holiday season, Kendall is already showing sneak peeks of her holiday fashion and home decors. She once posted a photo of the Christmas decors in her home. A big and well-lit tree is placed beside the fireplace where stocking hangs over. She did show how holidays look like in Kenny’s place.

    Kendal just turned 25 and celebrated her birthday with a Halloween bash dressed as Pamela Anderson in Barb Wire. However, critics have commented on the celebration given that the pandemic is still on the move, noting that the guests were not wearing masks. And on the election, Kendall posted a photo of her dressed as Barb with a caption saying that Barb has already voted.


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