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    3 Must-Read Books of 2020

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    Are you one of those who made reading one of their 2020 resolutions? Whether you’re a bookworm or not, you’ll always find comfort in reading a good book, especially amid the pandemic when everybody has to stay indoors as much as possible.

    There are many books published last year with several bestselling authors who have introduced new titles under their names. Meanwhile, there are also some new writes who’ve published books worthy of reading.

    Below you’ll find five of these must-read books of 2020:

    Luster by Raven Leilani

    This is one of the sexiest releases this year. It tells the story of Edie, a millennial, who happens to be the only Black woman at her very low paying job. Edie lives with her married co-worker who happens to be white and someone she had sex with together with his wife and their Black adopted daughter. The story follows Edie as she navigates through adulthood in all its complications, joys, and triumphs. This novel undoubtedly reflects not only about the struggles through adulthood but also the experiences of somebody who is Black.

    Open Book by Jessica Simpson

    Who can forget Jessica Simpson? She was an icon in the entertainment industry. In her book, she reveals her ups and downs including the abuse she was under when she was a child. She also talked about those times when she drank heavily as well as her journey toward sobriety. Open Book provides fans with a better look at a celebrity’s life especially the personality behind the name.

    They Wish They Were Us by Jessica Simpson

    Are you a fan of Gossip Girl? Well, this novel is similar to the famous series except Jessica Goodman injected a bit of murder mystery into it. The setting of the YA novel is at a prep school located in Long Island. It follows the story of Jill whose best friend was killed by none other than her boyfriend during their freshman year. Fast forward to their senior year, Jill was enjoying her life and responsibility in Gold Coast Prep’s secret society when she got a text stating that the killer is still out there. She started her own investigation to find the real killer.

    If you still haven’t read these books, you can still read them in 2021!

    And if you are more into movies, here are some reasons to watch one of the most anticipated shows by Netflix in 2021 Bridgerton.


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