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    Ashley Park Spills the Tea on Emily in Paris Season 2

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    Ashley Park just spilled some thrilling details on Emily in Paris Season 2.

    The 29-year-old actress plays Mindy Chen who is the funny and talented friend of Emily whom she met in Paris. The actress talked about her character in the series and what she believed the creator Darren Star has in store for Mindy.

    E! News interviewed the star of one of Netflix’s most popular series in 2020 where she explained the positive impact of the show and why many want more of it. According to her, she believes that the reason behind why people love it is because it brings escapism amid the troubles of the present time.

    She revealed, “We’re definitely filming season two in 2021”. However, she has no idea about what’s to come. She explained, “I know nothing about the plot. They haven’t even written it. That’s what’s kind of amazing. In season one, they’d only written, I think, two or three scripts when we were cast… So nothing has been written yet, as far as I know. I’m sure Darren has ideas.”

    She also spilled that originally, her character doesn’t involve any singing in the storyline. “All of my singing stuff, all of those things were written when we all met. And as we were filming it together.”

    “It’s way beyond anything I could have hoped for,” she gushed. She talked about how much she was enjoying going with the flow and mentioned that she doesn’t “want to wish for anything” about Mindy in the next season.

    However, the Netflix star also said that her character has clear directions as to where she’s headed in season 2.

    She shared, “What’s obvious is that she’s working at this drag club, [she’s] a singer, an MC now, so I’m sure there will be more music for Mindy. And also, she moved in with Emily in that last episode—we were so excited because it was like, ‘Oh Mindy is in Gabriel and Emily’s world now.’ Because everything was so separate, even though we weren’t offscreen.”

    In the first season, Mindy’s character hasn’t met any of Emily’s co-workers so maybe there’s a chance for that in the next season. She added, “I think in season two we’ll get a lot more relationships that will develop, but also some merging of the worlds. To see Mindy in more of those worlds is going to be a whole other story, which will be so fun.”

    Presently, it’s still unclear when Netflix will release its next season of Emily in Paris.


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