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    Beauty Trends That Will Make It Big in 2021

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    Living in the new normal amid the pandemic brings with it a lot of challenges and changes. Gone were the days when you do all kinds of beauty routines before heading out because nowadays, safety is everyone’s priority.

    Being locked down in your home most of 2020 made you appreciate your natural beauty and apply more practical skincare regimen. You don’t have to worry anymore about contouring your cheekbones, applying concealers and cakey foundation and even lipstick, too! Thanks to face masks, most of your face is covered.

    So what can one expect in terms of beauty trends in 2021? Here are some of them that will surely make it big this year:

    Less is more

    ‘Skinimalism’ is the in thing. This year let your natural beauty glow by letting go of heavy foundations, contouring, highlighting and the like. It’s all about more breathable coverage. As such, expect cream-based concealers that give off a demi-matte finish to take center stage.

    Sustainable beauty

    The beauty industry is often blamed for contributing to pollution. That’s because many skincare and beauty products come in plastic packaging which are discarded after use. Some aren’t accepted by recycling systems as well. This 2021 it’s all about sustainability with many popular brands including Dior Beauty, Hera, Diptyque, and Pharrell’s Humanrace offering products in refillable bottles.

    Blue Light Protection

    People know about the harmful UV rays of the sun but blue light is something new to some. Blue Light is emitted by electronic devices like TVs, smartphones, and tablets and they can do more harm on the skin than UV rays. It can cause skin damage and premature aging. With many people using gadgets with blue light emission, it’s about time to level up your sunscreen to combat it.

    The eyes have it

    Face masks are here to stay and that means people will be more focused on your eyes than ever before. There’s much emphasis on eye makeup this year so expect to see bolder and colorful liners and brighter eyeshadows as well as longer and thicker eyelashes. Cat-eyes are also expected to make their comeback this year.

    Regardless of whatever beauty trends are coming this year, make sure to do everything in moderation. Look and use products suited for your skin.

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