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    Kevin Hart Has Lunch with Ellen DeGeneres After Defending Her From Toxic Work Allegations

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    Kevin Hart and Ellen DeGeneres were spotted having lunch on Saturday, August 15, at the Rosewood Miramar Beach in Montecito, California. Both celebrities were dressed casually for their little get together.

    Their meet-up came two weeks after Hart defended the talk show host from allegations regarding the “toxic” working environment in her show. Hart took to social media to show his support by saying how crazy it was for his friend to go through what she was going through publicly. He explained that he had known DeGeneres for years and he considers her as one of the dopest people on the planet. He added that she has treated his family and his team with love and respect.

    He continued on saying that the internet has become a world of negativity and people fall in love with other people’s downfall. According to Hart, he will stand by the ones he knows and loves.

    In conclusion, he said that he is looking forward to the future where love one another and that this hate has to stop. He mentioned that his post is not meant to disregard other people’s feelings and experiences but to show what his own experiences have been with DeGeneres.

    Last month, a current and 10 former employees of the famous Ellen DeGeneres Show accused the host of providing a “toxic” working environment. Buzzfeed News published an article where several anonymous individuals shared their experiences on the show’s set.

    Some of them claimed they were fired after taking medical leave or bereavement days. Also, others claimed they suffered from microaggressions while others were subjected to favoritism by the show’s executive producers. Nobody specifically accused DeGeneres as what one former employee explained that people focus on rumors about how mean the host is but that’s not exactly the problem. On the other hand, it’s the show’s executive producers who are in charge of the workers and who put out the feeling of bullying and being mean to them.

    Two weeks after the article was published on Buzzfeed News, DeGeneres herself broke her silence regarding the issue by writing a letter to her staff where she apologized and expressed her disappointment. Meanwhile, Warner Bros. is looking into the allegations as well.


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