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    Justin Timberlake and Jessica Biel Welcome Second Son

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    Justin Timberlake talked about what it’s like to be a dad of two. The 39-year-old star confirmed through a virtual appearance on The Ellen DeGeneres Show that he and his wife Jessica Biel welcomed their second son and named him Phineas. The show airs on Monday.

    The actor and singer joked, “He’s awesome and so cute. Nobody’s sleeping. But we’re thrilled. We’re thrilled and couldn’t be happier. Very grateful.”

    The couple tied the knot in 2012 and in April 2015 welcomed their first born, Silas. Only a few people outside their immediate families knew that Biel was pregnant and DeGeneres was one of them. The host said, “I think we were FaceTiming and you said, ‘Hey, you want to know a secret?’ and then Jessica walked in and you put your hand on her stomach. You were like, ‘I’m having another baby!'”

    She also asked the couple how parenting was like to two kids compared to just one and the singer said, “We don’t see each other anymore. It’s a lot of fun. I guess the saying goes go from a zone defense to a man-to-man really quickly. It’s great. Silas is super excited.”

    The Palmer actor also shared about how five-year-old Silas is as a brother. He mentioned, “Right now he’s very much liking it. Phin can’t walk yet or chase him down, so we’ll see what happens.”

    Aside from being a big brother, Timberlake shared Silas’ love for video games. He’s also interested in Legos and tennis. They also got him a Nintendo Switch. But is the older son musical like his dad? It’s too early to tell.

    Meanwhile, Silas follows his dad’s love for golf. Timberlake said, “He likes golf, but I’m not pressing it. I want him to like it if he likes it. He’s fast and active so he’s very good at tennis.”

    This new addition to the family didn’t come as a surprise as Biel herself expressed how amazing it would be to have a bigger family. She told Entertainment Tonight in April 2018, “Kids are amazing. They are really hard, but they are really amazing,” she said. “I think it would be amazing to have a bigger family. I don’t know if that is in the cards for us, we will see.”

    As reported earlier, Emma Roberts gave birth to baby boy.


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