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    2020 Must-Have Voting Merchandise to Add to Your Shopping List

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    The 2020 presidential election is less than three months away and it’s about time to inspire people to register and vote. To do this, many popular brands came up with all kinds of voting-themed merchandise from statements tees to footwear. Check them out below:


    The well-loved denim brand launched a powerful PSA that featured celebrities and activists including Hailey Baldwin who first approached Levi’s with the idea of the PSA. She then gathered other celebrities and activists to star in the video which was directed by Oge Egbuonu. It also featured Djeneba Aduaom’s photography and was set to Jazmine Williams’ spoken word poem.

    In line with the forthcoming election the brand is launching a collection of merchandise like tees and hoodies with “Vote” and other options which can be customized to complete the phrase, “Don’t Just ____ About It, Vote About It”.

    Phenomenal Woman

    Many celebrities love this brand and it’s obvious why. It’s known for its very empowering statement tees and hoodies thanks to its founder, Meena Harris. The brand released a limited edition tee in collaboration with Jane Walker by Johnnie Walker in celebration of the 100th anniversary of women’s right to vote. The vintage-inspired tees have the words “Votes for Women” in front. Proceeds of these tees will go to Monumental Women, a non-profit organization, which will unveil the first-ever statue of women in Ney York City’s Central Park.

    Stella and Bow

    This Los Angeles-based jewelry brand worked with non-partisan organization, I am a voter, to launch a limited-edition necklace with a “VOTER” pendant to encourage people to vote. Priced at $65, the $30 will go back to the said organization which aims to create a cultural shift in the field of voting and civic engagements.


    Complete your “vote” attire with a pair of footwear from Naturalizer. These boots were created in partnership with Rebecca Lee Funk who founded The Outrage. The limited-edition pair spells the word “Vote” across the toes and is designed by Kiersten Essenpreis.

    You too can make a change and inspire others to exercise their right to vote by simply buying and wearing these vote merchandise that won’t only look good on anybody but also serve as an inspiration.


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