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    What to Expect on Bridgerton Season 2

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    Bridgerton fans rejoice!

    The top Netflix original series officially has a second season. Considering the millions of households who watched the series on its first season, it would be surprising if they won’t have another season. 

    Bridgerton by Netflix
    Bridgerton by Netflix

    Lady Whistletown herself confirmed that the next season will focus on the eldest Bridgerton sibling and that’s Anthony who’s played by Jonathan Bailey. Who can forget this matchmaker who tried to ruin his sister, Daphne (Phoebe Dynevor), with horrible suitors? This time around it’ll be his turn to find his one true love and settle down. Of course, the whole season won’t be all about Anthony.

    In the first season, Daphne and Simon’s, (Regé-Jean Page) love story was the main focus but the show also included other characters’ stories. It will be the same for the second season which will have snippets of the lives of other Bridgertons, Featheringtons, and the Queen among others.

    Bailey discussed with E! News his role in the series. He shared, “We’ve come quite far with the idea of equality between sexes, but you know there’s still a lot of conversations that need to be had about men in power. Hopefully, Anthony is someone who’s gonna make people realize that some men just don’t have what it takes.” 

    He added, “I think the brilliant thing about a period drama is that the society is so rigid and the expectations on this family are so extreme that you always want to play conflict, and with Anthony there’s just so much conflict with everything he’s doing. He means so well and he’s got such a good heart and he loves his family and once I fell in love with him and realized that he meant well, that means that you can really push the boundaries as to how unfair and toxic he can be to his lovers and to his sisters and to his mother.”

    He also mentioned that he has lots of hopes and dreams for Anthony’s future which will be the star of the next season.

    He explained, “I think with Anthony, you just want him to be all right. You want him to learn how to love himself and hopefully to make some mistakes without those mistakes causing serious hurt to the people that he loves. I want to see him on the dance floor. I want to see him smile a little bit more. I want to see those mutton chops back. There’s so much scope for him.” 


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