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    Jojo Siwa Expresses Happiness in Heartfelt Video After Coming Out

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    Jojo Siwa announced her sexuality on January 22 by showing off a shirt she got from a cousin with the words: Best. Gay. Cousin. Ever.

    Following her announcement and confirmation of being a part of the LGBTQ+ community, she did a candid Instagram Live on January 23.

    The 17-year-old social media sensation said in the video, “I have never, ever, ever been this happy before and it feels really awesome.”

    She said, “And now that the world gets to see this side of my life, it makes me really, really happy. Now that I got to share that with the world, it’s awesome… I want people to know that there is so much love in the world and it is so incredible!”

    One follower asked her about her label and she answered, “I have thought about this, and the reason I am not ready to say this answer is because I don’t really know this answer. I think humans are awesome. I think humans are really incredible people. Right now, I’m super-duper happy and I want to share everything with the world…but I also want to keep things in my life private until they’re ready to be public.”

    In addition the reality TV star also acknowledged how her coming experience isn’t like everybody else’s. She explained, “Right now what matters is that you guys know that no matter who you love, that it’s OK and that it’s awesome and that the world is there for you. I know everyone’s situation is different and it might be harder for some people and easier for some people to come out or [to] be themselves but I think coming out has this stigma around it—that it’s this really, really, really scary thing, but it’s not anymore.”

    She added, “There are so many accepting and loving people out there that it’s OK. Of course, people are going to say it’s not normal, but nothing is normal. Literally, not one thing about anybody is normal and it’s OK not to be normal, it’s OK to be a little different… And I think a lot of people are afraid of being different, and that’s something we should never, ever be afraid of. That’s something we should be proud of… I’m the happiest I’ve ever been, that’s what matters.”

    According to Jojo, she doesn’t know how long she’s been a part of the LGBTQ community and cleared that her sexuality had nothing to do with her split from Mark Bontempo.

    She explained, “People in life break up. People as teenagers break up, you have a boyfriend or you have a girlfriend when you’re six years old and you break up with them, you’re not with them for forever. I was a teenager. I still am a teenager but I think I’m pretty happy now. I’m pretty good now.”

    So how did her parents handle the big news? Jojo shared, “You know what my dad said? He said, ‘Hey man, love is universal.’ My parents have known. My mom said she’s known for the last two years. She’s like, ‘I just know with you!’ Around two years ago, she was like, ‘I don’t think you only like boys, that’s totally OK.’ My family is awesome.”

    Previously was reported that Caitlyn Jenner explained why she would never become a spokesman for the LGBT community.


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