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    Selena Gomez Takes Viewers to a Tour of Her Kitchen

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    Looks like fans will be seeing more of Selena Gomez in the kitchen as Selena + Chef gets a second season as announced by HBO Max on Thursday, August 27. But first, she’s giving everybody a tour of her kitchen.

    To celebrate the good news, the 28-year-old singer and actress took viewers to a little tour around her beautiful kitchen cum show’s set. The tour started with her showcasing her pasta shelves on her kitchen island. The celeb admitted that she’s obsessed with pasta and they added little pink shelves to complete the look.

    Then, Gomez went over to her coffee and tea station where several cook books from chefs she’s worked with on her TV show are displayed. She also pointed to her knives which she claimed became a big moment on her show.

    After which, the former Disney star gave viewers a peek of her clean white plates followed by her multicolored spoons. But the highlight of the tour was definitely he stocked pantry. She even teased that she’d show her fans how a true Texan has a pantry. She explained that her Nana loves having pantries ready for the apocalypse and it’s been a part of their tradition. Their pantry has flour, baking supplies, and chips. She added that she eats healthy but she also has snacks.

    The tour ended with a shot of the chalkboard that reads ‘All You Need is Gracie’ after Gomez’ 7-year-old sister changed it. The original text was ‘All You Need is Love’.

    If you’re interested in watching Gomez take her cooking skills to the big screen, you can stream season one of Selena + Chef on HBO Max. So what’s in store for season two? Gomez revealed that she will continue on her cooking adventures from the comfort of her home. This time, she’ll have a new roster of award-winning chefs who will help and teach her in cooking different dishes. Just like in the first season, a charity will be highlighted by a chef in each episode.

    According to Selena Gomez, her cooking skills have improved a lot after learning from some of the best chefs in the world. She also said that she looks forward to challenging herself in the kitchen on the second season of her show.


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