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    Here’s Why You Should Watch Netflix’s Lupin

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    Netflix never runs out of original series and movies to keep viewers entertained, especially while quarantining during this coronavirus pandemic. Their latest import treat, Lupin, is one of the most enjoyable and must-watch series that will keep you at the edge of your seat.

    Lupin is a French mystery thriller but you don’t need to know French at all to watch it. In fact, it landed on the top 10 during its launching and the first French show to do so. It follows the story of Assane, a professional thief, played by Omar Sy, who seeks revenge after his dad was framed for stealing a necklace from the affluent Pellegrini family where he worked as a chauffeur.

    Assane learned some of his techniques from Arsène Lupin, the fictional character who’s a thief and master of disguise from a book his dad gave him. He used the tips and tricks he learned to steal and to expose the crimes of the Pellegrinis.

    Still unconvinced? Here are the reasons why you should watch Lupin today:

    Omar Sy is Perfect for the Role

    Sy is a big star in France and has worked on several movies before landing the lead role in Lupin. He was in Jurassic World, The Intouchables, The Wolf’s Call, and X-Men: Days of Future Past.

    In the series, Assane had to play different roles and Sy was able to portray each of them perfectly from being a loving father to an old man showing up on TV. He’s one versatile actor.

    The Setting is in Paris

    People often associate Paris to love and romance but here, viewers are taken to the streets of Paris like they’ve never seen before. It provides viewers a sense of escapism from the pandemic that’s been stressing many out. Assane will take you on a rollercoaster ride through Parisian crimes as well as famous attractions like The Louvre.

    Ultimate Binge-Watch Series

    Don’t like those lengthy TV series? There’s no way Lupin will bore you to death because it only has five episodes though the last episode ended with a cliffhanger that’ll make you want to watch part two already which will be released in summer according to Netflix.

    Now don’t let the subtitles stand in your way of enjoying this new series. It’s worth every second, all thanks to its amazing cast, incredible setting, exciting plot, and suspenseful scenes.

    As reported earlier, Netflix officially confirmed that Bridgerton will have a second season.


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