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    Miley Cyrus Delivers Iconic Performance in 2020 VMAs, Brings Back Wrecking Ball

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    If you have missed Miley Cyrus’ iconic music video for “Wrecking Ball”, then you’re in for a treat. The singer took us back down memory lane in her 2020 MTV VMA performance.

    The songstress took the stage and performed her new single, “Midnight Sky” on August 30. She’s known for her up-tempo numbers and wild antics so it was no surprise that she got everybody hyped throughout her performance.

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    She recently released “Midnight Sky” which speaks of fun and empowerment. She just broke up with Cody Simpson who was her boyfriend for almost a year. The song suited her perfectly. As a singer and actress, Miley sure knows how to keep everybody’s attention and gave the crowd exactly what they wanted.

    At first, Miley appeared wearing a black shimmering dress which she effortlessly pulled off. For accessories, she had on a giant chain with a silver cross pendant. Her make-up is way over the top, too. She looked stunning as she stood in front of flashing lights which turned from white to bright red and blue.

    And as a reminder of her “Wrecking Ball” video, a staircase appeared out of nowhere and everybody was transported seven years ago. There on top of the stairs was a gigantic disco ball, definitely a callback from the unforgettable music video. She hopped on it as she finished her performance.

    Miley’s used to the VMAs stage so it’s no wonder that her performance is always something to look forward to. In fact, this is her fifth performance at the VMAs. In 2013, for instance, she and Robin Thicke delivered an out of this world twerking number. In addition, she was the legendary show’s host in 2015. She’s undoubtedly a must-see at award shows because she gives her all in every performance.

    Despite the pandemic and the show being filmed in different locations with many celebrities and viewers watching virtually, the 2020 MTV VMA is still one of the most epic award shows this year. It brings together everything that pop culture has to offer. If you want to be entertained at the comfort of your home, the show with all its amazing performances will satisfy your craving.


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