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    7 Treats for a Sweeter Valentine’s Day

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    Let’s admit that everything has been done before but with Valentine’s Day just a few days away, something sweet and edible will surely help to make your day even more special. As they say, one can never go wrong with chocolates so let’s assume that one can never go wrong with tasty sweets. After all, the best way into someone’s heart is through their taste buds.

    Below are seven sweet treats that you can gift to your special someone.

    1. 10-Pc Valentine’s Caramel Apple Assortment by Mrs Prindable’s

    A twist in the classic. Crisp apples dipped in sweet caramel and rolled in tasty and colourful toppings. It’s delicious and pleasing to the eye. Plus, it’s individually wrapped and only comes for $35. Perfect for friends, teachers, neighbours, and lovers alike.

    2. Valentine’s Frosted Heart-Shaped Cut-out Cookie by Cheryl’s

    Sweet and pretty, these 12 red and 12 pink heart-shaped cookies will make any sweet tooth happy with all the buttercream frostings on top. A very sweet and thoughtful present for just $43.

    3. 6 Mixed French Wine by Martha Stewart Wine Co.

    For anyone who wants to wine and dine in the 14th, this French collection of wines is just the fancy thing that’s needed. Includes the 2019 edition of Bernard Magrez Rose and Cuvee Dissenay Pinot Noir. They can be sent as gifts and is just $85 for the whole bunch.

    4. Nature Of Love Popcorn Hand Outs

    Movie night is a go-to night for couples so why not spice up and pop up the night with delicious popcorn from The Popcorn Factory. It includes a variety of individually wrapped bags of white cheddar, cheese, caramel, and butter popcorn, all for $30.

    5. Heart-Shaped Rainbow Cookies by Chef Cat Cora

    Another cookie gift, this set of 18 heart-shaped rainbow cookies for only $49 will surely brighten anyone’s day. After all, anything looks better heart-shaped in Valentine’s Day.

    6. Red Velvet Heart Cake from Duff Goldman

    They say red is for Valentine’s and this is the red velvet cake that’s meant to be served for that day. A delicious four-layered cake with pink frosting and fondant hearts. Tell your lover you love them with this cake for only $69.

    7. 5-flavor LOVE Clear Gift Box from Jelly Belly

    Consider it as the perfect candy set for your eye candy. Perfect for those with a sweet tooth who don’t like chocolates, this Jelly Belly gift box includes various flavors from red apple, coconut, cinnamon, very cherry, and cotton candy. Only for $7.


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