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    Lady Gaga is Recipient of First Tricon Awards at 2020 MTV VMAs

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    Lady Gaga had won several awards during the MTV VMAs on Sunday, August 30 but none is more special and prestigious than the first-ever Tricon Award.

    The Chromatica singer took the virtual stage wearing silver techno Ice Princess attire complete with mask. She was introduced by supermodel Bella Hadid. During her speech, she reflected on how she appreciated being the first awardee of the inaugural honor.

    She said that it meant a lot to her. She’s been making music since she was a little girl and she had big dreams but she never imagined getting an award that honored her for her passions.

    According to the Rain on Me singer, she wanted to share the award with everybody at home who is their own form of tricon. It hasn’t been an easy year for everyone and she wished for viewers to think of three things that define them and then take a moment to reward themselves for being brave.

    She continued by saying that what she sees now in the world is a massive triumph of courage and hoped that those watching her from home who have big dreams could see her accept her award and know how grateful she is. She also wanted them to know that they can do it, too.

    The pop star mentioned her hope for the future and for music to be a catalyst that will inspire social change as well as cultural shifts. She shared that a renaissance is coming and that the wrath of pop culture will serve as inspiration while the rage of art will be an empowerment.

    The new Tricon Award replaced MTV’s previous Video Vaguard Award and it recognizes artists who are superstars in different filed like acting, music, and fashion.

    Just like what Hadid said when introducing Gaga, one couldn’t just call her a triple threat because she possesses endless influence and talents. She’s a composer, musician, and actor rolled into one. In addition, she’s a champion for human rights, mental health, and equality. She’s a person who inspires and empowers many.

    Lady Gaga received her award after winning Artist of the Year, Best Collaboration, and Song of the year and after her performance which lasted for nine minutes.


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