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    Here’s Why Cameron Diaz is Not Yet Returning to Hollywood

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    The A-list star Cameron Diaz finally shared something as to why she is not yet coming back to Hollywood, and how she found something so rewarding in her motherhood journey.

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    Turns out that the Charlie’s Angels star is still on her way to taking a long break from the big screens and she has been away from the screen for quite a while now. The last movie that she starred in was Annie, which was released in 2014, making it a seven-year absence. However, in a recent interview, the 48-year-old actress finally speaks out if she is ever coming back to acting.

    The star behind princess Fiona’s voice in Shrek said that she is not the kind of person that is going to say no to whatever that life offers. However, she added that she currently has no plans in making a movie and that she has no idea if she would consider the fact that she just stepped onto the journey of motherhood. She also stated that she cannot be a mom who would be spending more times on movie sets.

    Diaz further explained that she could not go back to acting at the moment especially that her daughter is only in her first year, and that she is not willing to take away 14-16 hours of her days from her child. She also added that she would not be the mother that she is now if she ever chose to go back to Hollywood. Diaz and her husband, Benji Madden, 41, welcomed their first baby, Raddix, on the last days of 2019.

    According to The Holiday actress, she was deeply overjoyed that moment she gave birth to her daughter and how her daughter instantly captured their hearts and completed their family. She and her husband wanted to protect their little bundle of joy especially when it comes to her privacy. She also added that they would not be sharing any photos and other details regarding their daughter.

    However, she ensures everyone that the little one is very cute and rad. She further explains that she will be focusing on her family, next to her wine brand, Avaline, which has been the only work that she has been doing aside from being a mother and a wife. She also added that it is the part that she considered as the most rewarding, and the most fulfilling part of her life and that she has been waiting for such a moment.

    Diaz then shared her quarantine journey with her family and described it as the most heavenly experience especially she gets to be with her family full time. She said it was more than gratifying to see her daughter grow every single day. She also added that she has never been in love with anyone in a way that she is in love with her husband whom she tied the know with back in 2015.

    As reported earlier, Keira Knightley explained how motherhood changed her in many ways including the fact that she no longer does sex scenes directed by men.


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