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    Marilyn Manson is Under Investigation After Battery and Abuse Allegations

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    Marilyn Manson is currently a subject of a criminal investigation after the many allegations of battery and abuse made by several women in the past few weeks. Authorities are currently digging and looking into the alleged events of domestic violence that involves the American rock star.

    Marilyn Manson
    Marilyn Manson

    The Sheriff’s Department of Los Angeles County is currently investigating the allegations of domestic violence that involves the 52-year-old rock star, Brian Warner, who is professionally known in the music industry as Marilyn Manson. The incidents were said to date back between the years 2009 and 2011 when Manson was still living in West Hollywood.

    However, Warner has previously denied such allegations of abuse and violence against him made by several of his former partners including his former fiancé, the singer and actress Evan Rachel Wood. According to Wood, Manson is responsible for abusing her horrifyingly abusing her while they were together.

    Wood began dating Warner back in 2007 and got engaged with him in the year 2010. She was only 19 when she entered a relationship with warner who was already 38 back then. In a post that she singer and actress published, she was manipulated and brainwashed by Warner into submission. She further added that she was living in constant fear of blackmail, retaliation, and slander.

    Wood also shared some post and insights regarding the other women whom Warner allegedly abused including Ashley Lindsay Morgan and Ashley Walters. According to the post, Walters and Morgan suffered from PTSD and sleep deprivation while Sarah McNeilly claimed that Warner has threatened to bash her face with a baseball bat.

    Moreover, after Wood’s post, the Game of Thrones star, Esmé Bianco also detailed her two-month interactions with Warner and claims that there was brutal violence and that she often felt like a prisoner and dehumanized during the whole process. She also claimed that she did not resist when Warner cut her torso with a knife.

    Warner denies the allegations and responded by saying that both his art and his life has long been magnets to controversy and that the recent claims about him are mere horrible distortions of reality. He further stated that his relations are often consensual to partners who think like him. According to Warner, others are merely choosing to misrepresent the past and the truth.

    In the meantime, Warner’s record label just said that they will no longer work with him.


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