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    Hailey Bieber Reveals THIS Annoying Thing About Justin Bieber

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    Hailey Bieber and Justin Bieber have been married for almost two years now. Just recently, the model revealed in an interview the one thing that really annoys her about her husband. That is none other than his eyelashes.

    Hailey explained that she doesn’t consider herself as someone who has the longest lashes in the world and she’s fine with it. She has accepted it and can even live with it. Her lashes are visible and they are there, except that they are not very long.

    Justin Bieber
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    But this isn’t the case with Justin’s features. The model said that her husband has longer lashes than she does and this annoys her. Well, if this is the worst of it, these lovebirds are doing great during the almost two years of married life.

    Justin may have the best lashes between the two but when it comes to caring for their skin, Hailey wins hands down. The celebrity said that the singer has learned to take better care of his skin and it’s all thanks to her influence. She revealed that her man is very much into skincare. He cares about what’s happening to his skin now compared before because he’s aware how much Hailey loves it. The fashionista said her husband is taking her advice.

    Meanwhile, Justin has been struggling with his acne and according to Hailey; she’s been helping him clear and get it under control. So far, it’s working fine. She said that she’s giving him all the tips that she herself has been using and also gave him products she’s tried personally. She added that she’s always into keeping her skin hydrated. However, it has taken her husband a while.

    Luckily for the Grammy winner, he has a skincare expert with him. Hailey said that one of her quarantine activities was learning about skincare and she’s obsessed with it. According to her, her mom and grandmother taught her a lot about skincare when she was growing up. She confessed that she took dermatology classes as well as read books about skincare while quarantining amid the pandemic. She claimed that she really cares about her skin and what goes into it. Being the loving wife that she is, she shares what she learns with Justin.


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