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    Witness to Shooting of Lady Gaga’s Dog Walker Recalls Aftermath of the Incident

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    Lady Gaga’s dog walker, Ryan Fischer, was a victim of armed robbery. In addition to being shot himself, two of Gaga’s dogs were also abducted during the incident.

    According to the witness, Carlos Pantoja, they wanted to make sure that Fischer was still alive and still able to speak when the ambulance arrived in the area. Moreover, Pantoja said that he was on the left side of the victim just at the bottom of his waist and he was rubbing his leg to make sure that there was contact with Fischer. He told PEOPLE that he didn’t even think twice to make sure that Fischer was okay because he could see that he was starting to fade out. Also, he was trying to look for a wallet or anything that could give him information or a way to contact the family.

    Despite being injured, Fischer still urged the police to look for Lady Gaga’s two French bulldogs named Koji and Gustav. On Friday, the singer’s pets were returned safely and back in good hands.

    Recalling the incident, Pantoja shared that the happening spread around too easily because Fischer was saying that the dogs were Lady Gaga’s. Even when he was bleeding, he was calling out for help not only for himself but also for the dogs.

    According to Pantoja, the dog was with the victim just to protect and take care of him. He added that it seemed the dog can sense that someone is in pain or something was not right.

    Pantoja released to authorities the footage of his surveillance camera during the shooting. He said that Fischer wanted the video out for the reason that he wanted Lady Gaga’s dogs to be returned. For the witness’ partner who lives with him, the story is not yet resolved until Fischer will recover and the assailants will be captured.

    The incident took place last Wednesday at around 9:30 p.m. at Sierra Bonita Avenue in Hollywood. On the other hand, on Friday, Jonathan Tippet, Los Angeles Police Captain shared that the victim was shot one time in his chest area and was in a stable condition in the hospital. Dr. Fred Pescatore also said that Fischer is already breathing on his own.


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