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    Is Drew Barrymore Retiring from Acting?

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    Is Drew Barrymore putting an end to her acting career?

    The award-winning actress started her career at the early age of five by starring in Altered States in 1980. Add to that the fact that she came from a family of actors, so it’s no surprise that she’s spent most of her life in the limelight.

    Drew Barrymore
    Drew Barrymore

    In her recent interview with Andy Cohen, she revealed that it actually crossed her mind to retire from acting. When being asked if she’ll be making movies, the actress shared on SiriusXM’s Radio Andy, “If I’m being honest, the answer is no. I don’t want to be on a film set right now, but that could change when my kids are older. I stopped doing these when my kids were born because I’ve done it since I was in diapers at 11 months old is when I started.”

    The actress continued, “And it was a no-brainer to me to put making movies on a back burner so that I could be present and raise my kids myself. I didn’t want to be on a film set asking the nanny how the kids were.”

    She explained, “I was like, that is not my journey. So when you step away from it, it’s a lot less scary.”

    Drew and her ex-husband Will Kopelman share two daughters namely Olive, 8, and Frankie, 6.

    While she won’t be making movies for a while, she is keeping herself busy with other projects. For instance, she started her beauty brand and even wrote a book. She’s also hosting The Drew Barrymore Show.

    She also explained why she did Santa Clarita Diet series by Netflix which ended two years ago. She said, “I got to do it at the perfect time. I have to say, I was so knee-deep into mothering my kids. I was like, I don’t know who I am anymore..and if I can’t remember that I’m an individual with a skill set, I might die.

    She added, “So, then I got to play this woman who gets to eat people and it was exactly how I felt. And it was just perfect. It was comedy and it was delicious and it was fun and it was irreverent and I couldn’t have loved it more.”

    Drew also revealed that the show “saved” her from getting lost in her way. She explained, “I was going through a really difficult divorce. It just was the worst thing and everything I didn’t want to happen…And I just got to remember, like, ‘You are a person with a history. You’re not just a lost mother. You are, you know, a human individual, and you can go and get lost in something and find yourself again.'”

    “That show was the greatest thing that could have ever happened to me,” she said. “It reminded me to not lose the baby with the bathwater in that I don’t want to be filming all the time because I want to raise my kids. It’s like, you are this person. Don’t ditch who you are for your kids. I think that’s a recipe for disaster and parenting.”

    As reported earlier, in her recent interview Cameron Diaz finally shared something as to why she is not yet coming back to Hollywood.


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