Monday, October 2, 2023

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    Cardi B and Candace Owens in All-Out Twitter War

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    Cardi B and Candace Owens are setting the internet on fire with their Twitter war.

    Owens, who is known for being a conservative commentator, appeared on March 15 on the Tucker Carlon’s show where they talked about Cardi and Megan Thee Stallion’s “WAP” performance at the Grammys.

    She said, “This seems like an attack on American values, American traditions, and you’re actually actively trying to make children aspire to things that are grotesque. She also added later on, “This is not the patriarchy that’s keeping young woman down. It’s displays like this—displays of blatant nudity and sexualization—that is keeping women down in this society.” 

    On March 16, the rapper shared the clip on Twitter with the caption, “Yaaaayyyyyyy WE MADE FOX NEWS GUYS !!! Wap wap wap.”

    To this, Candace replied, “Just @ me next time, directly. You are a cancer cell to culture. Young Black girls are having their minds poisoned by what you are trying to package and sell to them as ’empowerment.’ I’m one of the few that has courage to tell you the truth. You should thank me.”

    Cardi indeed thanked her by writing, “Matter of fact I’m going to thank Candy. She put my performance on Fox News giving it more views that boosted the views on YouTube and is counting towards my streams and sales. STREAM UP AND WAP. REMEMBER GROWN PARENTS ONLY YOU CAN MONITOR WHAT YOUR KIDS WATCH NO1 ELSE.”

    In addition, Cardi also referred to an old tweet from Candace where she wrote that she’s been watching the Grammy winner since Love & Hip Hop.

    She wrote, “I want to make this very clear. Before I was signed to a label Candy already endorsed me in a tweet. She knew what I was about she watched my come up on l&hh. Yet you still indorse me and said I had the mind of her idol Kanye. Don’t be mad at me be mad at yourself.”

    Candace was once her fan but she still wrote, “I still think you have potential. You are entertaining & funny—but you are not being that anymore. You have transformed into a stain on culture and what it means to be a woman.”

    Their Twitter war didn’t end there. At one point, Candace told her to do better and in return the rapper reminded her, “YOU NEED ME. I DON’T NEED YOU.”

    There’s no telling yet what will happen next but it’s obvious their war isn’t over yet.


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