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    Mario Lopez Reveals Getting Into a Little Fight with a Co-Presenter at an Awarding Ceremony

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    Mario Lopez was guest host during The Ellen DeGeneres Show on Monday, March 29.

    During his stint, he was visited by Elizabeth Berkley, his co-star in the Saved by the Bell reboot by Peacock. Both play lead roles in the said reboot which is already set for another season.

    Based on the preview footage, they were having a little chit-chat on the show and Mario recalled when the two of them presented together in November 2020’s People’s Choice Awards. It was a memorable experience for the two of them as they got into a little argument before their presentation.

    He explained that the pair had a bit of a debate on a very simple topic. They argued on who will stand on the left-hand side of the stage. Of course, other presenters aren’t bothered by this at all but it’s different for Mario and Elizabeth.

    The 47-year-old anchor recalled, “The last time we saw each other in person was at the People’s Choice Awards, and we got into a little fight backstage before.”

    A photo from the ceremony was flashed on the screen and Mario pointed out, “As you can see, I want to point out to our viewers, you’re on the left side—you’re standing on the left side—which is usually the side I like to stand on, purely for superstitious reasons. It’s like a good luck thing.”

    According to the actor, Elizabeth preferred the left side of the stage for personal reason. He clarified, “You like to do it because you rock your hair a certain way, and because of the part, correct?”

    But the 48-year-old Showgirls actress playfully answered back at him, “No, no, no! Superstitious, or you like that side? No, we didn’t get into like a real fight. It was our playful banter, but like brother-sister.”

    He immediately replied, “No, we’re always laughing and teasing each other.”

    Simply put, they were able to handle their task at hand and didn’t get into a fight. They handled everything like real mature individuals. This will also serve as a lesson for future presenters to agree on who will stand where when presenting during an award ceremony.


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