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    Kendall Jenner Increases Security After Trespasser Attempted to Swim in Her Pool

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    Many celebrities surround themselves with security personnel to keep themselves protected from people who want to harm them. Kendall Jenner recently filed for a restraining order due to civil harassment against a man who trespassed near her home.

    On Sunday, March 28, a man was arrested at approximately 2 a.m. for misdemeanor trespassing. According to TMZ, the alleged trespasser was yelling Kendall’s name while knocking on the windows. He, later on, took off his clothes and attempted to swim in the supermodel’s swimming pool.

    The Keeping Up With the Kardashians star was unharmed but the incident caused her to increase her security and security measures. Meanwhile, the trespasser was already released from jail in accordance to the protocols amid the coronavirus pandemic.

    Moreover, a source close to the family informed E! News, “Kendall has ramped up security and has a huge team on the property and with her. They are all feeling like they need a big security presence at all times and that they can’t have something like this happen again. It’s been very scary and unsettling for all of them.”

    But this wasn’t the first incident to happen to her these past few days because the same thing occurred earlier this week. E! News confirmed that her lawyers filed a restraining order but against another individual.

    TMZ were able to obtain the said documents and according to them, Kendall claimed that an LAPD detective informed her about a man, 24, who planned to buy illegal firearm which he will use to kill her and then shoot himself. The documents stated that the person was being held temporarily at the psychiatric ward of a local hospital. The restraining order was granted by a judge.

    Being a Kardashian definitely has its price. Just so you know, Kendall isn’t the only one in her family who experienced security threats. On February 24, a man crashed through Kim Kardashian’s neighborhood in Southern California. TMZ reported, based on law enforcement sources, that the 24-year-old man would be seeing Kim and even mentioned that he was her husband.

    Kim’s security was able to stop him. He got arrested and was on a psych hold for 72 hours.


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