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    Millie Bobby Brown Wants Fans to Know She’s No Longer a Child

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    Millie Bobby Brown is a child star no more.

    This is one message the Stranger Things star wants fans to know. She turned 17 in February and she recently talked about her transition from being a child star to a young lady while under the spotlight.

    In a video interview with MTV News, she revealed, “I’m only 17, but at the end of the day, I’m learning to be a woman. I’m learning to be a young woman. So being a young girl, people watch you grow up, right? And they’ve almost become invested in your growth and your journey. But they aren’t ready to accept the fact that you’re growing up.”

    She also revealed that her fashion choices become a favourite topic among many. She said, “So I wear a crop top and people are like, ‘She’s 10.’ I’m like, ‘No…I am 17.’ That’s a thing that girls do. Or I wear high heels. Or I wear an outfit to an award show and they’re like, ‘She looks 50.’ No, it’s because you’ve watched me since I was 10. That’s why you think that.”

    The English actress also mentioned that her transformative years have been challenging for her fans. She explained, “I think that’s what I found has been quite difficult: the transitioning period. They’re not accepting it and I’ve completely accepted it. You know, I’m ready. I’m like, ‘It’s been a while. Let me wear a high heel!’ I’m not going to be playing those young girls anymore.”

    She added, “It’s kind of like, I have 50 million people like my parents. My parents are like, ‘Yay! Thank God. You’re 17.’ Like, ‘Put on a pair of high heels. Let’s go!'”

    This isn’t the first time that Millie’s appearance has been discussed. She told Harper’s Bazaar in 2019, “It’s always difficult to dress for a red carpet event because a lot of people have opinions and unfortunately you say you won’t listen to it, but you actually kind of have to. For me, I sit there and think, I’m not going to listen to what they have to say, journalists or whoever wants to write badly about my inappropriate outfit.”

    Meanwhile, Millie expressed during her MTV interview that such experiences have affected her mental health. She said, “I’ve struggled with anxiety and I’m learning to cope with it. I meditate, I journal a lot, I take a lot of time for myself.”

    “I don’t want anything to hold me back,” she added, “which I think is the most important thing…I want to evolve.”


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