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    Britney Spears Assures Everyone She’s Happy and Fine

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    With her life story making rounds on the internet for quite some time, Britney Spears assures her fans that she is doing well and happy with her life as of the present.

    The pop singer uploaded an Instagram video recently where she answered three questions from her followers. One of which is the question: Are you ok? Spears said that she is totally fine and extremely happy. She is currently taking a break, thankful for having a beautiful home and beautiful children to share it with. The singer has two sons with ex-husband Kevin Federline: Jayden James, 14, and Sean Preston, 15.

    Before answering such a question, she answered a lighter one where she was asked whether she gets dizzy when spinning so much in her dancing videos. Spears then answered that she still gets dizzy but as a dancer, she shared that as long as she fixes her attention on a focus point, finding that spot as she turns, her dizziness becomes much more bearable.

    Another question is about the photo of a red refrigerator that she posted a month ago. Fans have been intrigued by that post while Spears thought that it was just cool. She posted it because she simply liked the photo as it is — red, vintage, and cool.

    The post was uploaded days after Spears commented that she was flattered that so many people are so empathetic with her life and express their concerns with her. The messages came flooding especially after Framing Britney Spears, a New York Times documentary about her life was released in February.

    The documentary features her early days as she rose into fame, her misrepresented identity in the media, and the ongoing conservatorship battle with Jamie Spears, her father. The world-renowned singer admitted that after partially watching the documentary, she has been crying for two weeks.

    Spears then poured out her emotions on Instagram, sharing how her life has always been speculated and judged her entire life. She added that it takes a lot of strength to be vulnerable and entrust it to the universe because she’s been judged and insulted by the media far too much even up to this day.

    She admitted that even though she didn’t watch the whole documentary, what she saw made her embarrassed by the light that she was put in. For two weeks she cried and been crying still sometimes, Spears confessed.


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