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    Jason Bateman Gave THIS Advice to Justin Theroux While He was Still Dating Jennifer Aniston

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    When Justin Theroux and Jennifer Aniston were still dating, the former received a piece of unforgettable advice from Jason Bateman on dealing with media attention.

    Justin Theroux had always made the headlines back when he was still in a relationship with ex Jennifer Anniston. Having been forced in front of the spotlight, the actor received what he dubbed as a sage piece of advice from Jason Bateman.

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    Theroux recalled his breakthrough moment in a teaser for an upcoming Sunday Today with Willie Geist interview. He said that a character is always born in a certain side of the entertainment industry, and that character is both you and not you. That character, as he continued, tends to be rewritten like a little soap opera, and as Bateman advised: Don’t follow that character’s storyline.

    Amidst all the drama, the Mosquito Coast star acknowledged that he stuck to that advice at all times to keep himself sane.

    Theroux and Aniston started going out in 2011, got engaged in 2012, and after years of staying in love, they decided to tie the knot back in 2015. However, the couple broke up in 2017, saying that while things didn’t work out, they still look forward to cherishing their friendship in the future.

    In an exclusive interview, Theroux said that they meant what they said about their friendship. He added that they truly love each other and they could still have the same joy without being together. Theroux is full of admiration for Aniston, and he said that it would be a loss for him if they’d end all contact after their breakup. He also admitted staying in touch with Aniston from time to time and enjoying their current setup.

    On the other side, Aniston confidently said that she considers her marriages to be successful, including her five years with Brad Pitt. Aniston recounted her lessons with Elle in 2018, saying that when they decide to end their relationship, it was a mutual pursuit of happiness that wasn’t found in their arrangement anymore. She shared that having only one life; she would never stay in a situation out of fear. It may be fear of loneliness or not being able to survive.

    She also added that in spite of all the effort put into the relationship, it won’t always work in the end, and that’s fine and not a failure. Aniston cherishes living her life and that excludes staying in a marriage or a relationship out of fear.

    As reported earlier, Jennifer Lopez has received love and support from family and friends following her split from Alex Rodriguez.


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