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    Victoria Beckham Reacts to Justin Bieber’s Surprising Gift

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    Victoria Beckham just received the most surprising present ever and it came from none other than Justin Bieber.

    The former Spice Girls singer couldn’t stop laughing after the pop idol sent her a pair of the most unexpected footwear. On April 27, the Posh Spice took to her Instagram Story to post a photo of the lilac Crocs the singer gifted her. She wrote, “A lot of people have been asking me what I’m planning on wearing after lockdown. What do we think about this suggestion from @justinbieber?”

    The fashion designer gave her followers a closer look at the Crocs with its different charms from the singer’s collaboration with Drew House. Victoria added, “Never worn a pair of Crocs. This did make me laugh, I mean, it is the thought that counts. Thank you so much.”

    The fashion designer admitted she doesn’t know what to say about the gift but she thanked Justin for it. Further, she posted a poll together with the photo, asking fans, “Will I be wearing lilac crocs?!” This got her followers thinking the same thing. She mentioned that she couldn’t wait the see the results.

    It turned out that it wasn’t only the mother of four who received Crocs but the whole Beckham family. The patriarch David Beckham and 16-year-old Cruz Beckham also posted about it on their social media accounts.

    Over the years, many fans have been comparing Cruz’s singing skills to that of the multi-awarded singer. He made headlines in 2018 when her proud mom posted a video showing Cruz belting “Love Yourself” by Justin. She captioned it, “When u sneak up and @cruzbeckham is doing his morning vocal warm up!X VB.”

    David himself gushed about his son’s talent and shared that he has discovered a passion in music. He told E! News before, “[Victoria and I] like to think that we can credit ourselves…You always hope that your children are listening and taking notice, and this is a good example that, actually, they are.”

    He added, “Children are like sponges, they soak everything in, and you don’t realize it until they come out with something like what Cruz has just done.”


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