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    Mila Kunis Told Ashton Kutcher Not to Invest in These Companies

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    Did you know that Ashton Kutcher has a unique talent that Mila Kunis doesn’t have? It turns out he could easily identify successful companies long before they make it big.

    The Bad Moms star visited Stephen Colbert on April 29 during The Late Show where the host praised her husband for being a venture capitalist. The 43-year-old actor is an early backer of Airbnnb and Skype.

    When he asked the 37-year-old actress if Ashton ever asked her advice before investing she said, “The best part about him is he is really smart about including me in everything and making sure that I am aware of everything that is happening. He is also really smart at knowing that, sometimes, you shouldn’t listen to your wife.” 

    The couple tied the knot in July 2015 and shares two children. She explained that she’s not helpful in terms of venture-capital decisions though she offers valuable perspective when it comes to investing in consumer goods like those related to moms and families.

    She explained, “Early in our dating, two things came up. He was like, ‘Hey, there’s this company, it’s kind of like a ride share … kind of like a cab company, but anybody can drive the cab. I was like, ‘That’s the worst idea ever.'”

    She also recalled the times when he let her try Uber and she panicked. She recalled, “I was like, ‘You’re going to put me in a car with a stranger? What is wrong with you?’ Like, I was furious at him.”

    She went on, “Second time, he sat me down and was like, ‘Hey, Babe, I got to explain this thing to you, tell me if I’m crazy”. He’s like, ‘There’s this thing, it’s like mining for money. It’s called cryptocurrency, and there’s this company’—this is eight-plus years ago—’it’s called Bitcoin.'”

    “And I was like, ‘Well, I think this is a horrible idea,'” Mila continued told Stephen. “And he went, ‘Cool, we’re investing in it.’ So he didn’t listen to me. I mean, this happens all the time.” 

    Ashton became one of the early investors of Uber and of course, cryptocurrency.


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