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    Billie Eilish Graces British Vogue Cover

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    Billie Eilish makes jaws drop with her stunning transformation on the British Vogue’s cover for June.

    The Grammy winner is a sight to behold in a custom Gucci corset and skirt in blush with lingerie from Agent Provocateur. Her accessories includes nude latex gloves by Atsuko Latex and Jewelry by Jacquie Aiche and Anita Ko.

    Her style reminds people of pinup stars and blonde celebs like Marilyn Monroe and Jayne Mansfield. She said that her platinum hair made her feel more like a woman.

    The best part is that she was the mastermind behind her amazing magazine photoshoot. The magazine revealed that the singer was inspired by the “classic, old-timey pin-up” look.

    The 19-year-old musician shared, “I’ve literally never done anything in this realm at all. Y’know, besides when I’m alone and s–t.”

    Fans have noticed how Billie played around in terms of her beauty these past few years. She’s not the kind who’s scared of rocking colorful hair and flashy outfits on red carpet events. She’s known for her fashion-forward ensembles though she admitted that when she was younger her skin “was the initial reason for my depression when I was younger.”

    She also confessed, “If I’m honest with you, I hate my stomach”. This is why she wore various corsets for the magazine.

    She said, “My thing is that I can do whatever I want. It’s all about what makes you feel good. If you want to get surgery, go get surgery. If you want to wear a dress that somebody thinks that you look too big wearing, f–k it—if you feel like you look good, you look good.”

    The singer also mentioned she’s in a transformative era which is very challenging. She expressed, “Because of the way that I feel that the world sees me, I haven’t felt really desired. But that’s really my whole life, though, so I don’t know if it’s anything to do with fame.”

    According to the multi-awarded singer, the entertainment industry doesn’t help either. They’e playing on certain stereotypes such as the “classic hot girl”.

    Billie explained, “She’s this completely different character of wifey. It really f–ked me up. Everybody’s like, ‘You can’t make a wife out of a hoe’—and it’s like, you’re attracted to that person, though. You created that person.”

    She added, “Suddenly you’re a hypocrite if you want to show your skin, and you’re easy and you’re a slut and you’re a whore. If I am, then I’m proud. Me and all the girls are hoes, and f–k it, y’know? Let’s turn it around and be empowered in that. Showing your body and showing your skin—or not—should not take any respect away from you.”

    So what can she say about the experience? She said, “i love these pictures and i loved doing this shoot. do whatever you want whenever you want. f–k everything else.”


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