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    Top 5 Actresses Who Slay Motherhood

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    Motherhood is not a joke. It is a choice, not an easy one, and nobody is an exception. It does not matter if you are the queen, the enchanted fairy, or the evil stepmother. Motherhood will look you in the eye without flinching, not having a say with what you are, who you are, or what accomplishments you have had in your life.

    Even actresses had to deal with motherhood just as regular mothers do. They too had to struggle with their day-to-day motherhood journey and it does not matter how many films and shows they have starred in, or how many accolades they have garnered from their performances.

    Jennifer Garner

    Jennifer Garner is often seen on-screen with badass roles—women who know how to throw punches and stand up for themselves. Very well-known for playing Elektra where she soon meets her real-life former husband Ben Affleck. Garner and Affleck are currently co-parenting together their three children; Violet, Seraphina, and Samuel.

    The Thirteen Going On Thirty star is often seen in her Instagram account posting photos and videos that show the day-to-day fun yet messy part of being a mom.

    Amal Clooney

    Not exactly an actress, but Amal Clooney is one of the badass human rights lawyers in the U.K right before she met American actor, George Clooney and she was having an amazing career right before she met him. At the moment, Amal is well balancing her job as a lawyer in the United Nations and as a mother to twins.

    Halle Berry

    She is the type of mom who is very particular when it comes to her intimate relationship with her kids, as well as their safety. She once remarked that she tries to include them on her Instagram feed without showing their faces given that they are the biggest and the best part of her daily life. She also stands up for them whenever and lets them wear her boots.

    Angelina Jolie

    Divorced and having six children, Angeline Jolie is surely slaying it with grace and beauty. After having a heart-breaking divorce from actor Brad Pitt, Jolie continues to slay her life as an actress and a mom. She gladly encourages all her children to not have prejudices, and take global views. She even lets them express themselves in a way that’s comfortable to them.


    One may consider her as a little rad and boyish at first glance but that’s just the very usual P!nk. She is a mom to her daughter Willow, whom she considers as her forever Valentine. She even remarked in an interview that being her daughter’s mom is her most prioritized job, next to being a wife and being an artist. She is often seen on social media singing with her daughter.



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