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    This is Why Kelly Osbourne Doesn’t Speak to Sister Aimée

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    Finally, the English reality star and Project Runway Jr. judge has candidly and publicly remarked that she and her older sister Aimee Osbourne, are currently not talking to each other. Kelly Osbourne who is 36, opened this part of their relationship when she sat on Dax Shepard’s podcast Armchair Expert on Monday.

    In the podcast, Osbourne casually opened up that she and her older sister no longer speak to each other. She further added that they are completely different, in a way that she does not understand Aimee, and at the same time, Aimee does not understand her.

    Aimee Osbourne, 37, also made a similar remark when she opened up regarding the status of her relationship with her sister and brother back in 2015. Aimee said that though there is truly an obvious gap between the three of them, there is acceptance. She further explained that the three of them no longer socialize.

    The 37-year-old member of the Osbournes has also explained that why unlike her sister and her brother, she did not appear in their family TV show. She is the eldest child but she preferred a more private life.  She said that she does not see anything good in her future if she ever appears on it. She also added that though appearing on The Osbournes worked great for the rest of her family, it was not something that she would ever consider.

    Furthermore, during the podcast interview, aside from finally sharing the fact that she and her sister were no longer on speaking terms, Kelly also shared and looked back at her struggles on addiction. She stated that though addiction never escaped her, she was pretty good at hiding it as compared to her brother, Jack Osbourne, who is 35.

    In recent interviews, Kelly also shared that she slipped after four years of sobriety when she had an unfortunate nervous breakdown during the pandemic quarantine. The part-time voice actress and fashion critic then stated that it was a battle that she will carry on fighting for the rest of her life. She also admitted that it will never going to be easy for her.

    As reported earlier, in a recent interview with Glamour UK Elizabeth Olsen shared why she avoid being linked with her sisters.


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