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    Kourtney Kardashian Clears Ending KUWTK is a Family Decision

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    The latest episode of the hit reality TV series, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, shows the family finally making their decision to end the series after 20 seasons. Kim Kardashian was the one who broke the news to their crew whom they referred to as their “extended family”. She broke down while telling them the bad news.

    Kim Kardashian
    Kim Kardashian

    However, Khloe Kardashian didn’t feel convinced about this decision after 14 years of onscreen presence. She said, “It’s definitely clear that everyone’s decisions have been made but mine is the only one that would be against the rest of the family.”

    On the other hand, Kourtney Kardashian shared in a confessional, “We always said we would do it together as long as we all wanted to do it and felt happy and that it made sense. I’ve definitely had my moments when I wasn’t fully comfortable with filming and then there’s so many exciting moments like where we’ve had the best times and great family trips and so many experiences that we wouldn’t have had if we weren’t filming. I think it’s been a love-hate relationship.” 

    Meanwhile, the family took to social media to confirm the heartbreaking news. Khloe was emotional, calling everything “very overwhelming” while Kim said she was “ready for a break”. After everything, it was Kourtney who received backlash online. She told Scott Disick, “It’s so funny, there’s all these memes online of like, ‘Kourtney Kardashian single-handedly ended KUWTK'”.

    “Why? Because you’ve said before that you don’t, like, love filming and stuff like that so they assume you’re the one who made the decision? Does it bother you?” he asked.

    “Yeah they’re saying it as a joke but I’m sure there’s people who really believe it,” Kourtney answered.

    Scott assured her that it’s not true and ending KUWTK was a family decision. According to Kourtney, it wasn’t the first time the family decided to continue or not the series. She explained, “Every time our contract’s up we always have this conversation of like, ‘Do we want to keep doing this? What are we happy with? What do we want to do? If everyone wanted to keep doing it I’m sure I would have kept doing it too. Unless I found my island to move to….”

    Scott revealed what he’s most afraid of once the show ends. He revealed, “My biggest fear is that we will float apart and not see each other nearly as much because if we don’t work together every day, we’re surely not going to see each other every day. It’s very sad to me, you know. It’s kind of the ending of an era.”

    As reported earlier, The Keeping Up With the Kardashians reality TV show just released its midseason teaser trailer.


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