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    Here’s Why Shadow and Bone is a Must-Watch on Netflix

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    If there’s one Netflix series you should watch now it has to be Shadow and Bone.

    Based on a YA novel, the series has an amazing storyline that will keep you hooked from episode 1. It’s like entering a new world where the Grisha can control the elements of the world, somewhat like Avatar. There, there are the normal individuals who are inferior to the Grisha.

    So how can one determine if he or she is a Grisha? At the time of childhood, one must undergo a test which the main character, Alina played by Jessie Mei Li, didn’t go through. This is why she grew up without knowing that she was a Grisha and not just any Grisha but the Sun Summoner at that.

    These people work to fight the Shadow Fold. It’s a dark region dominated by the Darkling where monster like colcra live. The Fold divides the country of Ravka in two and prevents people from traveling safely.

    However, after Alina discovers she’s the Sun Summoner, the peope of Ravka becomes more hopeful that they’ll be able to destroy the Fold and unite their country.

    Here are other reasons why you should watch Shadow and Bone:

    A love triangle

    What’s a YA novel without a bit of romance? In the series, Alina, her childhood best friend Malyen “Mal” Oretsev played by Archie Renaux, and General Kirigan/The Darkling played by Ben Barnes got tangled into a love triangle. Netflix sees to it that viewers feel the intense chemistry among the three characters and unlike others, there’s nothing about soulmates or magic at all but just good writing.

    Attractive characters

    One thing that will draw viewers to watch the series from start to finish is the naturally attractive cast of characters. They don’t need any heavy makeup or flattering costumes just to look handsome and beautiful because their natural beauty alone is more than enough.

    Amazing fight scenes

    You can easily find yourself getting lost in all the fight scenes, whether the characters are fighting beasts in the Shadow Fold or enemies outside it. They look very realistic with Alina shooting sun from the palm of her hands to the Darkling turning shadows into weapons that can kill the enemies.

    The normies themselves are just as good with their physical abilities such as how Inej Ghafa who’s played by Amita Suman can fight with knives, arrows, and her fists while moving swiftly and quietly like an assassin. Together with Kaz Brekker played by Freddy Carter Jesper Fahey played by Kit Young, they make a wonderful team.


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