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    The Masked Singer Reveals the Piglet as Season’s Champ

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    The Masked Singer finally revealed its winner and runners-up after 11 weeks.

    During the finale, guest panelist LeAnn Rimes performed “How Do I live” together with the finalists Black Swan, Piglet, and Chameleon. She was the champion in season four as the Sun.

    After which, the Black Swan delivered an amazing rendition of Michael Bolton’s “How Am I Supposed to Live Without You”. Though she was a shoo-in for the gold mask, Piglet wowed the audience and the panelists when they sang “Faithfully” by Journey, which even caused guest panelist Nicole Scherzinger to almost shed a tear.

    Though the finalists all did a wonderful job throughout the competition, only one could go home with the highly coveted gold mask. Once the viewers cast their votes, the Chameleon was the first to go and as guessed by Robin Thicke, it was none other than the rapper Wiz Khalfa who was hiding behind the mask.

    According to him, his son will probable freak out seeing the Chameleon but said he joined the competition because he’s a fun dad.

    The rapper told host Nick Cannon, “I love to enjoy myself. I love to be myself. And as much as I can encourage him to be himself and get into his imagination and sing, dance, and be as crazy as possible, I’ll be the best example for that then.”

    Finally, it was time to unveil the champion. Everybody was at the edge of their seats with anticipation as Nick revealed that Piglet was the champion of season five while Black Swan finished at second place.

    But the excitement didn’t stop there as everybody got ready to meet the people behind the masks. It turned out that JoJo was the Black Swan while the Piglet was none other than Nick Lachey.

    It didn’t surprise some that Piglet was a “boy bander”. He definitely clued in everyone with his Bachelor references. He also pretty much sounded like Nick Lachey and some of his clues also threw reference on the fact that people had seen his heart break after what happened on his TV show with Jessica Simpson, his former wife.

    Meanwhile, among the panelists’ included actor Liam Hemsworth and musicians Charlie Puth and Adam Lambert.


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