Monday, October 2, 2023

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    Court Grants Tristan Thompson $50,000 in Libel Lawsuit Against Kimberly Alexander

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    Tristan Thompson will receive $50,000 in general damages and an additional $2,901.95 in costs after winning a conditional default judgment in a libel suit against Kimberly Alexander who falsely claimed that he is the father of her child. The court issued the said judgment on Tuesday June 22.

    The 30-year-old Boston Celtics player filed the lawsuit against Alexander in May last year. He already underwent paternity test which proved that he isn’t the father.

    The basketball star originally asked for $100,000 for “damages for loss of reputation, shame, mortification, and hurt feelings”. He also testified that he didn’t receive an endorsement deal since January 2020. However, the judge claimed there was insufficient evidence that her accusations were the main reason behind it and so he granted $50,000 instead.

    Thompson and Khloe Kardashian also sent a cease and desist letter to Alexander in May last year before suing her. The letter warned her to “immediately stop defaming them with malicious defamatory lies and specious fabrications.”

    On the other hand, Thompson’s lawyer allegedly referred to Alexander during last year’s lawsuit as a “wannabe social media influencer and pornographic model/performer who is so desperate to achieve her fifteen minutes of fame that she recently fabricated a false claim that NBA star/Cleveland Cavaliers center/power forward Thompson is the father of her nearly five year old son.” 

    The athlete’s attorney Marty Singer said “she has maliciously accused Thompson of being a deadbeat dad, ‘neglecting’ and failing to take financial responsibility for the child since birth. Such statements are absolutely false and are defamatory per se.”

    Throughout this challenge in Thompson’s life, Kardashian was there for him. The two share three-year-old True Thompson and even planned on having a second child through surrogacy. She didn’t like hearing rumors about his unfaithfulness. The pair split a few years ago after he cheated on her with a family friend.

    They’re very good at co-parenting True and they decided to give their relationship another chance. However, multiple sources reported recently that the Keeping Up With the Kardashians star and basketball player split again following rumors of Thompson’s unfaithfulness. Reports claimed that the athlete was at a party and told people he was single. He was spotted with three women entering a room at the party, too.


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