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    These Series are Coming to Netflix This July

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    Are you looking for the latest and exciting television series to binge on Netflix? Don’t fret now. This July, the streaming giant will offer viewers a new lineup of shows to enjoy. Whether you want romcoms, reality series, or true crime, Netflix has plenty of selections to explore.

    However, it can be very daunting to watch all in the platform’s eclectic list (and admit it, we don’t have that much time!) That’s why in this article, we bring you five of the best shows across genres that you should put on your priority list. Happy watching!

    1. My Unorthodox Life

    If you are one of those viewers who got hooked with Esty’s life in Unorthodox or you are simply looking for inspiring stories to root for this summer, you will love this upcoming Netflix docuseries centered on the life of a former Ultraorthodox Jew, Julia Haart, and her family. The series tells of how Haart gained success as a fashion designer, her journey as a CEO of a well-known model management company, and how she reconciles her whole family’s lives with their different upbringings. Mark your calendars now because this series will be available for streaming starting July 14.

    2. The War Next Door

    Say good riddance to stress and get yourself loads of belly laughs in this upcoming Mexican comedy series! This show revolves around a life-changing raffle ticket, two neighboring families, and a prolonged feud over which the two families rightfully own the said ticket. As the brawl goes on, the neighbors begin to see each other in new ways and the things that matter most in life. Get that post-it now and be reminded that the war will commence on July 7!

    3. The Cook of Castamar

    Yearning for a stunning historical drama full of romance, plotting, and political intrigues? Based on the novel by the Spanish writer Fernando Munez, the story is set in 18th century Madrid. It centers on the life of a traumatized young lady, Clara Belmonte, who is fighting to survive her impoverished condition. She has agoraphobia resulting from her father’s demise in the war, and her cooking skills are the only way she could provide for herself. After getting hired as a cook in the ducal estate of Don Diego, Clara started to thread a new fate for herself- a destiny full of bravery, romance, and self-discovery. Prepare yourself for a sensual overload beginning July 9!

    4. Elize Matsunaga: Once Upon A Crime

    If you’re into true crime and are always searching for a crime television show to watch, then you would want to stay tuned on the murder that appalled all of Brazil back in 2012. The limited series will cover the gruesome murder of a wealthy businessman, Kitano Matsunaga, by Elizabeth. Elizabeth, Matsunaga’s wife, claims that it was a crime of passion, but others speculate that it was cold, premeditated murder for money. Piece the truth together for yourself this July 8 only on Netflix.

    5. Big Timber

    If you’re interested in the thrill of the outdoors or want to learn something about the logging industry (not too niche, right?), then this reality show is for you. Go along with the gripping adventures of fearless loggers as they battle harsh and unpredictable weather and situations in the business- including transport of massive timbers amidst heavy snow! This show had hooked a lot of viewers since this was featured on History Channel back in 2020. Discover why and join the determined and humorous crew this July 2 on Netflix!


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