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    Stephen Colbert Apologizes to Mindy Kaling After Awkward Encounter

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    Talk show host Stephen Colbert sincerely apologized to Mindy Kaling after he rushed over into her dressing when she did not have any clothes on after being a little too excited to see her. According to the 57-year-old American comedian, he thought of checking up Kaling (42) and wished her a great show when things did not go as planned.

    Colbert apologized and changed the topic of their conversation to which Kaling replied by saying that has no idea that he would bring it up and that she felt bad for bringing it up. Furthermore, The Mindy Project alum explained to the confused audiences of the show that she was on her pants and bra when Colbert barged in on her dressing room.

    The mother of two then made the audience laugh when she remarked that she wishes she had worn a sexier bra. She also thought of where the fault lies since she did not lock the door while she was preparing. She further added that she is currently a busy mom for her 10-month-old and joked that wearing the grey bra was very saddening, quipping another set of laughter from the crowd.

    Colbert then genuinely apologized and took all the blame while commending Kaling’s team for swiftly lunging at her, letting him not lay an eye on her. He remarked that he felt like an assassin when Kaling’s team hurled at her and Kaling agreed. He then added that he did not see anything, and could not see anything even if we wanted to pry. To add up, Kaling remarked that she felt like Meghan Markle during the accident. She added that her team looked like they were furious not to let Colbert pass for a second.

    After the comedic awkward exchange, Colbert went back to the tracks and announced the details that everyone needs to tune in for in Never Have I Ever. It would seem that the audience got more than what they bargained for after witnessing an awkward exchange of laughter between Colbert and Kaling during an unexpected segment of the Late Show.

    All the perfect cringes from Kaling’s comedic flair seem to have been surpassed by all the awkward comedy that happened with her and Colbert in the show.


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