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    Nightbirde Drops Out of AGT Amid Cancer Battle

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    America’s Got Talent’s golden buzzer contestant Jane Marczewski, the Ohio native with the stage name Nightbirde, announced a piece of heart-breaking news after a cancer update on August 2, revealing that she will no longer be a part of AGT given her health status. The thirty-year-old singer took to Instagram to express her sadness as well as her gratitude and positivity for the things ahead.

    Not long after giving AGT judges and audiences an awe-inspiring performance of her original song “It’s OK” last June and compelling Simon Cowell to press the golden buzzer, Nightbirde finally announced via Instagram that she is dropping out from the competition. In the post, Nightbirde is shown with a newly bald head where she expressed that though she is currently beaten up, she is not giving up because she still has dreams.

    The Ohio native singer shared that since her audition to the talent show, her health has been taking a toll on her, making things worse for her case. She further expressed that her fight with her cancer is hard as it demands every piece of her strength and attention.

    During her audition, Nightbirde revealed that she is struggling with spine, lung, and liver cancer, making her an inspiration for others to open their eyes. She also stated after her audition that it is important for her to be seen as more than just the bad things that are happening to her. She has then been one of the fan favorites of the AGT’s season.

    In the meantime, the Nightbirde sincerely expresses her gratefulness towards America’s Got Talent and how it was an honour for her to be a part of it, and a dream come true to her part. She also added that her outlook for the summer has been very astounding, and considers all the pain that she went through as a miracle as it offers people a chance to open their eyes wider for things—something that she considers beautiful and is very happy for.

    She closed the caption by expressing that in life, breaks are not given even if one deserves them. She then continued showing her fighting spirit and positive outlook by saying that she will be better soon and that she is currently fighting and planning for her future, not her legacy.


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