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    Here’s How Billie Eilish Deals with Body Image Issues

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    Like most people, regardless of age, Billie Eilish is dealing and fighting her way through body image problems. However, as one of the many young and rising stars in the music industry, it is inevitable for Eilish’s insecurities to be magnified on a closer and larger scale to the extent that it gives her body image issues.  

    The nineteen-year-old singer who became famous after releasing her iconic single “Ocean Eyes” back in 2015, revealed that she disassociates herself from whatever body image she has on her mind whenever she is on stage. She further stated that she disregards any thoughts regarding what her body looks like while performing and focusing on living the moment and having a good time.

    The young artist and singer of “Happier Than Ever” has been known for her signature neon green hair and loose outfits. According to the young singer herself, ever since her career started, she has been rejecting the idea of wearing skin-tight outfits. She has always been trying to hide her body underneath loose and big clothes which she considers as unflattering. She also pointed out that people expect to see her in loose and big clothes, and that they would have big reactions whenever she wears something skin-tight.

    However, Eilish further explained that she chose to wear loose and big clothes so that she will be more comfortable and would not have a hard time moving.

    Furthermore, the “Bad Guy” singer also expressed the correlating problems of her awful relationship with her body image and paparazzi. According to Eilish, the paparazzi also adds to her body image issues. They would be taking and stealing photos of her wearing anything, and everyone would eventually comment on her being fat even though she was just wearing something comfortable being herself.

    In the meantime, Eilish ponders about it and asks why most people have to care about body images. She further adds that having body image insecurities should be considered strange given that the body comes as a functional element and is built mainly for survival. She continues by explaining that bodies are only necessary for mobility and metabolic purposes and asserts that people need bodies to survive.

    She expresses how she finds it ridiculous that most people tend to overthink what their bodies look like.



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