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    Here’s What Ryan Reynolds Feels About Taylor Swift Using Their Kids’ Names on Her Songs

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    It was not long ago when Taylor Swift dropped her folklore album and awed fans all over the world with her new songs and aesthetics. One of the songs (betty) in her album can be considered as the best as it mentions the names of Ryan Reynolds and Blake Lively’s daughters; Betty (2), Inez (4), and James (6).

    The 31-year-old multi-awarded singer and songwriter co-wrote the song with her boyfriend Joe Alwyn (30) last year. The lyrics of the song tell a dramatic story of high schoolers James, Betty, and Inez, where James breaks Betty’s heart and Inez being their town’s essential gossip girl—very far from being Lively and Reynolds’ daughters.

    Swift and the power couple have been close friends for so long and the 44-year-old Canadian actor admitted that Swift’s name-dropping their daughters’ names felt so honoring. The Deadpool actor said that it was so amazing and honoring that he almost cannot believe that Swift has made it happen.

    Reynolds then remarked that he trusts Swift, knowing that she is also sensitive when it comes to these kinds of stuff, further nothing the fact that the James, Betty, and Inez of Swift’s songs are far from the James, Betty, and Inez of his life. According to the Free Guy star, Swift’s betty has nothing to do with his children other than their children’s names.

    According to Reynolds, he surprised his daughters with the story of Swift featuring their names on her song, further explaining that his daughters whom he shares with Gossip Girl star know nothing about it. Reynolds and Lively have been married since 2012, right after working with each other on Green Lantern back in 2011.

    In the meantime, Reynolds can help to dote on his wife and her baking skills. He also admitted that the 33-year-old star of The Age of Adaline has been a very big help to him and his movies. He remarked that Lively had helped him write some of his big movies and that most of his good writings were Lively’s.

    Reynolds then speculates that there is innate sexism in the industry that he and Lively works in. He also added that his wife does not often get credited even though she wrote it.

    Earlier, Blake Lively asked paparazzi to stop taking pictures of her children.


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